Fall Semester – Answers to FAQs

You can find your course meeting dates and times in your portal (Detailed Student Schedule).

Sometimes if a class has a multiple meeting pattern, this view might be easier to view at a glance using this site:   


You might need to know what each abbreviation for days of the week are:
M – Monday
T- Tuesday
W – Wednesday
R – Thursday
F – Friday
S – Saturday
U – Sunday

Here is a list of building codes:

As far as books, I generally recommend that students visit the bookstore’s website. If a faculty has adopted any books, they’ll be listed there and you can make decisions about purchasing there or elsewhere.

If you have not heard from the instructor prior to any class, you will not be expected to read or do any work in advance.

We will post syllabi to this website as we receive them, but it’s just as common for you to get your syllabus for the first time at the first class meeting.

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