Summer course added – LEAD 581 – Special Topics in Leadership Studies – WHELS

Join us this summer for an elective course (LEAD 581) that blends individual leadership development with a focus on women in higher education. The Women In Higher Education Leadership Summit, held July 30-Aug 2, is a unique leadership and learning experience where you will engage with a group of like-minded women for a three and a half day intensive summit, take the only 360° assessment that measures leadership behavior, get a one-on-one coaching session with a certified coach, and attend workshops and seminars by the industry’s leads experts on leadership development and higher education.
Facilitated by Dr. Lorri Sulpizio and Dr. Cheryl Getz, you will be challenged to explore your leadership capacity in the context of higher education. There is a pre and post session held Thursday July 20th from 4-6pm and Tuesday Aug. 5th from 4-6pm. Students who have taken WHELS previously may enroll and attend WHELS II. (Aug. 7 – 9)
Register for this class via the OneStop.  CRN 507. Summer registration rules apply.
Final registration deadline:  May 1, 2017 for WHELS I and June 1, 2017 for WHELS II
Questions about the class and registration can be directed to Beth Garofalo.  Questions about the summit can be directed to Lorri Sulpizio.

UPDATE: Students will attend only WHELS I for this class (July 30 – Aug 2, plus the course pre and post sessions), unless you’ve already attended WHELS in previous years. If you have attended WHELS previously, you may attend WHELS II instead. Please contact Beth.

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