21 February 2018

Please read Elizabeth Losh, et al., Putting the Human Back into the Digital Humanities: Feminism, Generosity, and Mess from DDH 2016 for class tomorrow.

We will be continuing to work with Twine tomorrow. I have resolved the problems that were preventing us from using the Twine application on the laptops. (Let’s hope it stays fixed.) Be thinking about ways you can incorporate simple control flow — the kind of if-else construction I demonstrated at the end of class on Tuesday — in your stories.

Now that Cait’s enrollment has been successfully processed, the designation for the course will be changed from ENGL 494 to HUMC 394. Dean Kaufmann has asked me to check with all of you regarding how you plan to apply the class to your degree, major, or minor requirements. Please get back to me with that information so we can avoid any surprises.