Final Project: A Transcription of Causa 4

For my final project, I transcribed and converted to XML Causa 4 in Gratian’s Decretum (Manuscript P). In the process of this project, I discovered several interesting discrepancies from the expected text provided by Winroth. Aside from scribal errors such as misspellings and overlapping sentences, the scribe made some interesting changes that seem intentional. For example,

  • C. 4 change expected “occurit” to “concurrit”
  • C. 4 expected question 4: “an idem possit esse accusator et testis? “
  • transcription question 4: an [aut?] die constituta non occurrens a communione sit remouendus. However, the transcription question 4 matches with the expected question 5, which is strangely omitted as the transcription skips from 4 to 6.
  • C.4 q. 1 omitted expected “sive laicus”
  • C.4 q. 4 omitted expected ” Iudices autem debent uti equitate, testes veritate, accusatores intentione ad amplificandam causam, defensores extenuatione ad minuendam causam”
  • C.4 q. 6 c.2 is expected to read, “Item ex concilio Cartaginensi VII Propriam causam agere valet cui accusare non licet” however the transcription reads, “Item ex concilio cartaginesi viio [i.e., septimo].Non negant audencia in propria causa cui acc[usati?]o interdicitur.”

I am certain that on further examination other discrepancies will appear.  For reference, please consult my transcription

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