Assignment 3: Hamilton Story Map

For my story map, I chose to tell the biography of Alexander Hamilton using Hamilton: An American Musical and Ron Chenow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton as backdrops. What I chose to focus specifically on were various events portrayed in the musical, noting where Lin-Manuel Miranda chose to tell the events out of order or to slightly change the context of each event. I also chose to focus more on Hamilton’s military career, an aspect of his character that was sadly reduced in the actual musical in favor of emphasizing his relationship with Aaron Burr.

The reason why I chose this topic is because I am a huge fan of the musical, but have also wanted to explore Hamilton’s biography. I know that musicals and biographical movies tend to sensationalize or reduce certain events in favor of pushing some sort of hidden message, and Hamilton: An American Musical is no different. Therefore, when the chance came to tell the story of Hamilton as history knew it while examining it through the lens created by the musical at the same time, I jumped for the chance. I am now happy to say that, despite issues with zooming in on certain places on the map, I am proud of what I created.

My story map can be found here.

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