Manage every aspect of the scholarship lifecycle

With functionality that goes beyond the basics, the scholarships management platform helps you streamline the process from initial intake all the way to final decision. You can now collect, manage, review and make final selection with one centralized system.

  • A Student-Centered Approach

    Make it simple for students to apply to scholarship programs with easy to use online application forms.

  • Reviewer Management

    Provide a platform for alumni and employees to quickly and efficiently review and score applicants.

  • Application Tracking

    Monitor in real-time how applicants and reviewers move through the different stages of the application.

  • Timely Notifications

    Send relevant notifications to applicants and reviewers as they move through the process.

  • Simple Administration

    Eliminate hours of shuffling paper and manage the entire system from anywhere, anytime.

  • Analytics

    Review all the data and reports you need in one place to help you continually improve the process.

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