Provide Peace of Mind with Our New Safety Platform

You can now instantly share safety concerns, provide assistance to those in need and work together with students and staff to prevent incidents before they happen.

  • Send Emergency Notifications

    Alert students and staff in case the campus goes into a state of emergency.

  • Safety Check

    Allow students to notify USD if they are safe during a declared state of emergency.

  • Safety Escorts

    Receive requests for safety escorts from students and staff directly from their smartphone.

  • Safety Concern Notifications

    Get reports of any safety issues that students or staff encounter on campus.

  • Emergency Contact Information

    Access emergency contact information during an emergency.

  • Study Abroad Side Trips

    Be notified when students plan to take side trips while studying abroad.

Learn More About How You Can Help Make The Campus Safer

Be Better Prepared – on Campus and Abroad!

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