Use Chat for Online Group Discussions

Online Chat is your opportunity to reach hundreds of people—from potential students to current student groups, or supporting members of the community—all on a live online group chat.

Schedule an online chat with a public figure, professor or president during a specific period of time, and invite your target audience via our official Email system.

Online Chat
  • Create Events

    Schedule an online chat "event" to fully engage students.

  • Audience Interaction

    Know what they want and expect, field questions, and set expectations.

  • Make a Connection

    Develop deeper relationships and engagement.

  • Gain Insight

    Improve your messaging, sessions or events with real-time feedback.

  • Answer Questions

    Answer frequently asked questions in a public chat or privately.

  • CRM Integration

    Get detailed reporting and audience segmentation.

Request an Online Chat System Setup Today

To create your own Online Chat forum, simply contact ERPT with your request. We will schedule the set-up and show you how it works. The rest is up to you!

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