Reward Audience Behavior and Spike Engagement and Activity with Gamification!

Do you need to encourage your students or audience to participate more frequently? Now you can give points for specific activities -- like opening and reading and email or attending an event -- and have these points add up to awards of your choosing.

Awards can be as simple as being first in line or getting recognition for their efforts or as sophisticated as front-row seat event tickets or a whole marketplace of awards. It's up to you!

  • Gain Insight

    Track behaviors to better understand what motivates your audience.

  • Engagement

    Inspire students to take action again and again.

  • Modern Learning

    Help educate your students in a new and exciting way.

  • Build a Community

    Engage your audience and spark conversations among themselves!

  • CRM Integration

    Get detailed reporting and audience segmentation.

Request Gamification Setup Today

Outline what you are trying to achieve, who you want to reach, and the activities you'd like to reward. Then contact the ERPT department to request a setup. Time needed for setup depends on the sophistication of your request.

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