Check in People at the Event — Without the Need for Paper Lists and Clipboards.

With Event Check-In, you can use your mobile device to quickly find RSVPs and add walk-ins on the spot and reduce long lines and wait time. Simply swipe someone's USD ID or use his or her USD email address. Event Check-In is fast, simple and keeps you organized.

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Event Check-In
  • Check-In Attendees

    Quickly search by name or browse the list to check-in attendees.

  • Validate Attendees

    Easily validate attendees by ID, email address or student ID scanner.

  • Apple iOS Compatible

    Check in attendees using multiple devices at the same time.

  • Event Analytics

    Analyze your attendance data online after the event.

  • Attendee Profiles

    Connect attendee profiles for better event marketing and follow-up.

  • Audience Segmentation

    See who is attending which events over time with detailed reporting.

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