Fully Integrated Emailing Lists with Full Functionality!

Our emailing system is integrated with the most up-to-date, sortable email lists of USD. Select exactly who you want to write your message to for the most impact and response.

You can also create and save templates, check response rates over time, view messages the individual has read, and more.

We encourage everyone at USD to leverage our official emailing system to keep in touch with students and groups.

  • Create Attractive Emails

    USD branded emails help to improve students email experience.

  • Target Your Audience

    Increase response rate and engagement by segmenting your lists.

  • Real-Time Feedback

    Review response rates to learn what's working and what's not.

  • Volume Tracking

    Check the volume of email your audience is receiving.

  • Avoid Duplicating Work

    Learn from others who are emailing the same groups as you.

  • Email Analytics

    Watch for trends to be more strategic and targeted in your future emails.

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After some basic training, you'll be ready to send personalized emails to all your groups. What's more, it's FREE to all USD faculty and staff.

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