Your Guide to the Academic Program Review Process

Friday, September 13th, 12:30 – 2:15 p.m. in Maher Hall’s Salomon Hall

All Faculty and Department Chairs are invited to please join us for this very important luncheon workshop.

The University of San Diego’s academic program review provides a systematic and continuous means of assuring academic excellence in student learning. It is designed to encourage accountability and dialogue among members within the department under review as a self-reflective, continuous process within the broader institutional and discipline-based contexts. Program review occurs in 4 stages over 2 years for all programs across the university.

The stages include:

  • Self-Study
  • Site Visit
  • Recommendations from the Academic Review Committee
  • Program Plan and Administrative Response

Attendees at the workshop will learn about the entire process. The four stages have undergone considerable refinement this summer so that those who have attended this workshop in the past will also need to be updated on the changes. The workshop is facilitated by Associate Dean Carole Huston from the College of Arts and Sciences. Departments who are currently going through any of these four stages are strongly encouraged to attend this valuable session.

To register for this workshop online click here or call Johnny Bobe II at the Center for Educational Excellence at (619) 260-7402 or email

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3 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Academic Program Review Process

  1. I will attend the Sept. 13 workshop.

    (I request a vegetarian meal for lunch).

    Thank you.

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