Teaching about Race and Racism from an Intersectional Perspective Webinar

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m in UC 103  

Increasingly, educators who teach/train about race, racism and racial identity are trying to do so in more intersectional ways, incorporating other social identities and forms of oppression. In this participatory webinar, we will explore how to effectively teach about race and racism from an intersectional perspective particularly when learners have different degrees of racial consciousness and readiness to handle this kind of cognitive complexity. We will review the principles of intersectional theory and present a framework of four pedagogical approaches which builds toward an intersectional understanding of race and racism, moving from a single focus on race towards a multidimensional integration of other social identities/forms of oppression. As we discuss each approach, participants will be able to briefly engage an activity that reflects that perspective. We will also review other activities that can be used to explore race intersectionally.

Learning Objectives

Through attending in this webinar, participants will:

  1. Consider the principles of intersectional theory and how these relate to education.
  2. Learn about a framework of four pedagogical approaches to teaching about race, racism and racial identity which increase in intersectionality, including some of the issues and challenges that may arise.
  3. Briefly experience activities that reflect each of these four pedagogical approaches.
  4. Gain activities they can use that explore race and racism intersectionally with students and other staff.

To register for this webinar online click here or call Johnny Bobe II at the Center for Educational Excellence at (619) 260-7402 or email cee@sandiego.edu.

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