ASHOKA Faculty Exchange Luncheon: Introduction to the Earth Charter: Magna Carta for the 21st Century

Thursday February 14, 2013 from 12:15 p.m -2:15 p.m. in KIPJ – H & I

Presenter: Steven Gelb, SOLES
Co-presenter: Giovanna Iaffaldano, graduate student in the Peace and Global Education certificate program

The Earth Charter was created through the most widely participatory, democratic process of any document in human history, with input and buy-in from indigenous peoples, scientists, religious leaders, women’s and peace activists, and NGOs from across the world. Compared in historical import to the Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and described as an ethical lodestar to light the way to humanity’s future, it has been widely endorsed by cities, nations, universities and NGOs around the globe. And yet most Americans have never heard of it.

Participants in this workshop will examine the Earth Charter, learn about the vast array of global projects and tools it has inspired, and reflect upon its relevance for their personal and professional lives, and our common future.

Brought to you by the USD Changemaker Hub and the Center for Educational Excellence

To register for this luncheon online click here or call Johnny Bobe II at the Center for Educational Excellence at (619) 260-7402 or email

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