Imagining the Active Classroom

Thanks to Flickr user svenwerk for the photo of Library for the Faculty of Philology at the Free University Berlin, Germany.

Title: Imagining the Active Classroom
Location: TBD
Description: TBA

Start Time: 3:30

This will be a chance for faculty to use their imaginations in focusing on active learning and how space and technology can facilitate teaching and learning activities. Although there are no immediate upgrade plans in place, the Serra 318 classroom is a large space used by many faculty and students. This tech talk is a chance to explore some low tech improvement options such as furniture replacement (group tables, huddle boards) and imagine some high-tech ideas to make this a more flexible general-purpose and collaborative learning space.

Join the CAS Classroom Innovation Committee in an exploratory roundtable interchange of ideas that may or may not influence decisions to renovate. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard as the renovations of classrooms continues to move forward.
Date: 2012-04-20
End Time: 5:00

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