This page presents some testimonials of Cris as a leader, facilitator, and student.

During my 20 years with the Clemson MBA, I can honestly say that only one very special individual emerged who truly stands out from the rest and encompasses all of the skills and talents that we hope to engender in an MBA graduate. Mr. Bravo is a remarkable role model and leader, demonstrating outstanding personal, academic, and professional qualities. He is still so highly regarded by Clemson University that he is used as a business coach and advisor for graduate students in the newly established MBA program in entrepreneurship.” (Dr. Martha Duke, Director, Retired, MBA Program, Clemson University).

“Cris is a true entrepreneur, and has been recognized as one of the most influential young entrepreneurs in Costa Rica. Although Cris graduated from Clemson’s MBA program over 10 years ago, he has continued her relationship with Clemson.  He is presently one of the business coach advisors and continues to assist the Clemson MBA program in that capacity.  Cris is analytical, exhibits excellent teamwork and leadership skills, and is one of the best researchers I have had the pleasure to know.  In my classes, he exhibited nothing short of excellence at all times.  His creativity in my course entitled “Negotiations and Dispute Resolution” was exemplary and recognized not only by me, but also by the students in the class.  He earned all of our respect by the example he set.” (Dr. Frances Edwards, Associate Professor of Legal Studies, Clemson University).

En el trayecto conocí una persona,una persona que sin saberlo estaba rescatando las mejores partes de mí, enseñándome que ser líder no implicaba ser juez, no implicaba ser autoridad, era mucho más, era algo que se sentía, se respiraba, pero aún yo no entendería. Nunca supo esa persona lo que hizo por mí, hasta ahora que esta forzado a leer mis palabras. Cada lectura y cada proceso de este curso ha sido para mí o bien un espaldarazo o una llamada de atención, y a pesar de no haberlo podido disfrutar como hubiese querido, me ha marcado.” (Yara, Leadership and Negotiation Course, ULACIT, 2015).