10th Annual Action Research Conference

Developing Our Capacity for Action Research and Inquiry Through Dialogues That Matter

Friday, May 3rd- Saturday, May 4th, 2013
San Diego,CA
University of San Diego
School of Leadership and Education Science

Conference Keynote Handout

Click here for an online program of the event including presentation abstracts.

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Who should attend this event?
▪ Action Researchers
▪ Graduate Students
▪ Educators
▪ University Faculty
▪ Higher Education Professionals
▪ School Administrators
▪ School Counselors
▪ Professional Leaders

Event Highlights
▪ Graduate student presentations and reflections
▪ Keynote presentations by action research experts
▪ Panel discussions with action researchers
▪ Action research workshops, symposiums, consultancies
and presentations
▪ Poster sessions
▪ Roundtable discussions
▪ Social hours
▪ …much more!



For information about how to sponsor this event, please contact:

Stacey Davidson
Action Research Conference Event Coordinator