aMP alumni

Eli Guerra-Delgado ’19

Legal Assistant, The Pride Law Firm

For over two years I worked closely with Dr. Bond on two research studies. These studies focus on media effects and identity development at the intersection of race and sexuality. Conducting this research gave me the opportunity to present at various conferences on multiple occasions. I have used this training and mentorship in my role as a legal assistant with The Pride Law Firm in San Diego.

Joey Dato ’18

Media Coordinator, ViacomCBS

At USD, I was not only a student of Bond’s but also an assistant to his research about parasocial relationships. While working on this research, I learned about the many different parasocial relationships consumers can have and how they compare to their personal everyday relationships. Doing this research has helped me understand the different audiences that I reach through my work in the media industry. Being a research assistant was a highlight during my time at USD.

Lindsay Fitzpatrick ’18

Senior Account Executive, Prosek Partners

Conducting research with Dr. Bond was one of the most beneficial and enjoyable academic experiences of my undergraduate education. Being a research assistant gave me real world responsibility beyond what I would have learned in a lecture class. Dr. Bond allowed us the freedom to manage our time independently and propose changes to data collection procedures to maximize efficiency. By solving problems with my research team in a supportive and fun environment, I learned what I value in a future workplace – a trusting supervisor and a team who is caring, hardworking and flexible. The attention to detail and effective communication skills I refined as a research assistant certainly better prepared me for my career in financial communication.

Rojin Vafaeian ’18

Physician Assistant Student

I graduated from USD and immediately continued my education in pursuit of becoming a physician assistant. Working in the medical field has shown me how important it is to collect accurate data effectively and efficiently. I learned how to properly collect data while conducting research with Dr. Bond. Not only did he give our research team independence to collect data, but he allowed us to think outside the box and share our ideas with him. In addition, the research project involved reaching out to other students and meeting with them face-to-face, which helped develop my interpersonal communication skills. This has been a very important and valuable asset that I will carry with me in all my future endeavors.

Jacquelyn Lefevre ’17

Pop Culture Manager, WWE

I graduated from USD in 2017 with a degree in communication studies. During my four years at USD I was always drawn to media studies. Dr. Bond became my professor in various classes, academic advisor, and research leader. I not only learned about media awareness, but took with me how media affect real life.    I am currently working with the WWE, where I have honed my ability to use pop culture and digital media as means of evolving a brand through storytelling. Because of this, and with the help of my media education, I am constantly engaged and aware of the effects of media on television viewers (myself included).

Carolyn Massey ’17

Global Branded Entertainment Coordinator

I began working at ICM Partners after graduation. ICM Partners is one of the major talent agencies within the entertainment industry, representing clients that include actors, writers, directors, musicians, speakers, producers, and even e-sports. At ICM, I work as a coordinator in the Global Branded Entertainment Department, focusing on music branding. Music branding creates partnerships between the clients on our music roster, and the plethora or brands known around the world, manifesting itself in campaigns, commercials, voice overs, and performances. I developed a greater attention to detail and became more media literate while working on research with Dr. Bond, both skills I use working in entertainment today.

Genevieve Cohen ’16

Health & Fitness Entrepreneur

Working with Dr. Bond on an independent research project taught me many important skills. I learned about time and project management, effective communication, and close observation of verbal and nonverbal communication. What I loved most about working with Dr. Bond was feeling like my time was spent with purpose. I felt good knowing my time was spent on research that could have an impact. Working on the independent research project also allowed me to form stronger relationships with my professor and the other assistants. Gathering in a small group of 4, rather than a typical classroom of 30+ students, allowed me to feel more connected to the Communication Studies Department, and University as a whole. Two years after graduating from USD, I took a risk, quit my job, and started my own online health and fitness coaching program. Leveraging a community of over 20,000 Instagram followers to my page, @gensgym, I was able to dive face first into online coaching. Since opening my business, I’ve helped hundreds of women lose fat, repair their negative relationship with food, and develop unshakable confidence. The strong communication skills I developed while at USD not only allow me to be an excellent coach, but they also allow me to be an effective boss and role model to my employees.

Kelsey Dupont ’16

Brand Manager

While working on a content analysis on sex in the media, I was able to communicate and work with students at USD, as well as those in Missouri and Arizona. It’s incredible how a small group of individuals can impact and contribute to a large-scale research study on media effects. I learned an overview of coding and analyzing television messages, as well as personally enhancing my own decision-making skills and feeling confident in work that I produce alongside a team of motivated individuals.


Tayler Nunez ’16

Senior Social Media Manager

My time at the University of San Diego was a huge part of my growth both as an individual and professionally. The various classes I took, including research methods with Dr. Bond, was quintessential for my growth as a young adult starting out in the business world. Working on research with Bond taught me time management and how to critically think about media. This was one of the few “classes” that gave me a real life experience and I’m a better business woman for being involved in research.

Trent Saiget ’16

Student Success Coach

I never considered that I would be participating in research when I decided to attend USD, but Dr. Bond was quick to change my mind. I was able to exercise a sense of creativity and autonomy in the lab, which allowed me to express a sense of individuality while adhering to the goals and guidelines of the project. What I took away is a greater approach to understanding people. Our research reinforced that messages have a fundamental impact on the way we interpret our world. It is how those messages are sent and received that prove fundamental to the understanding of human connection and human nature.

Ben Compton ’14

Graduate Student

While working with Dr. Bond, I learned about the early stages of data analysis and how to interpret statistical results. As a young scholar, this was my first opportunity to truly understand and interpret the relationships between variables on a statistical level. Lucky for me, my time and guidance under Dr. Bond’s leadership led to a publication, which was a major factor in the University of Kansas fellowship I would receive a year later that helped me be able to attend graduate school. 

Hayley West ’14

Academic Counselor

I worked as a research assistant to Dr. Bond during the 2013-2014 academic year. During my time as a research assistant I learned just how much detailed work and passion it takes to conduct social science research. I specifically chose to do research with Dr. Bond because I was (and still am) very interested in media effects. We worked on a project that related to lesbian, gay, and bisexual young people’s parasocial relationships with media characters. Working as a research assistant on this project and graduating as a communication studies major has helped me continue to look at media critically every day! I still get excited at the chance to talk with my friends and family about commercials and TV shows.