In the Press

Dr. Bond has been interviewed by both local and national media regarding the role of media in our lives and the influence of media on audiences and society. Below is a sampling of recent popular press references to our research, or popular press interviews with Dr. Bond.

Broadcast Press Coverage


ABC 10 San Diego broadcast interview about Psychology of Popular Media 2021 publication on parasocial relationships during COVID-19, October 2021:


CBS 8 San Diego broadcast interview regarding parasocial breakup during the death of Kobe Bryant, January 2020:


Fox San Diego broadcast interview regarding parasocial breakup during the death of Senator John McCain, August 2018:

San Diego FOX 5: Mourning John McCain

Phone interview tonight with San Diego Fox 5 about why we mourn those we only know from the media, those we've never actually met (in relation to the passing of John McCain). Thanks Fox 5!

Posted by Analyzing Media Psychology on Monday, August 27, 2018


NBC San Diego online feature interview about online slacktivism during national tragedies, September 2017:

Print Coverage

InsiderĀ article about LGBTQ representation in animation interviewing Dr. Bond, August 2021

TIME article about the influence of COVID-19 on our social relationships, citing 2021 publication in theĀ Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, June 2021

Canadian Broadcasting article about audience connections to Kobe Bryant interviewing Dr. Bond, January 2020

Washington Post article about queering Captain America featuring email correspondence with Dr. Bond, May 2016

Pacific Standard article about the importance of representation of minorities on screens, citing 2015 Media Psychology publication, February 2016

NPR article about the importance of television depictions of under-represented groups featuring interview with Dr. Bond, August 2015.