Optimizing your Global Supply Chain #2

Although sound supply chain management practices are not always followed, crafting and executing a thoughtful supply chain strategy is critical–and the benefits are huge. A well-oiled supply chain can go a long way in enhancing global competitiveness and achieving higher profits. It could also be the difference between success and failure. Continue reading

Strategic Growth, Financial Profitability and Free Cash Flow Valuation #3

This seminar will help participants develop tools for understanding how firms plan (or should plan) for growth, and manage it throughout the firm and industry life-cycle. From early-stage startups to major public corporations, the growth of sales, cash flows and value is at the front and center of decision making. We will examine how industry forces (national and international) impact decision making, and will consider how ratio analysis helps identify potential areas of concern and guide us towards improving the performance of an organization. Continue reading

Brand Management in the Global Context #3

This 9 hour seminar offers students the skills to develop and execute a brand marketing marketing strategy and model that will meet the company’s vision. Apart from that, it will identify some of the key challenges facing brand management in the current consumer environment. Whether you are in marketing, operations, finance, human resources or any other area, it is important to understand how you can help contribute to the growth of your company’s brand or brands’ value over time on a global scale. Continue reading

Action Learning Through Consulting Abroad

Each year MBA students have the opportunity to travel abroad to gain international consulting experience. The purpose of the consulting project is to further develop students’ leadership and team skills and to enhance their cultural awareness in an international setting. Continue reading

East Asian Business Management

3 seminars: April 24th, 29th & May 1. With expanding business opportunities in East Asia, many U.S. companies have entered the market during the last few decades. However, due to lack of effective market entry strategies, only a few U.S. Continue reading