Strategic Growth, Financial Profitability and Free Cash Flow Valuation #2

Students will examine scenarios that call for a decision to expand, be acquired or acquire another firm. Current public financial information and case study analysis will be utilized through the seminar. This seminar will help participants develop tools for understanding how firms plan (or should plan) for growth, and manage it throughout the firm and industry life-cycle. From early-stage startups to major public corporations, the growth of sales, cash flows and value is at the front and center of decision making. Continue reading

Brand Management in the Global Context #2

Through this 9 hour seminar, students will develop a clear and articulate brand strategy that includes brand architecture, brand story and brand positioning. A strategically sound brand management strategy is critical to any company’s future success, whether it is B-to-C or B-to-B. A well-managed brand(s) will ensure your company is positioned to be globally competitive with sustainable and profitable growth. Continue reading

Brand Management in the Global Context

According to an Accenture report, nearly 60 percent of the aggregate value of the U.S. stock market is based on investor expectations of future growth. These future values are tied to the intangible assets that are, in most cases, tied to brand equity. Whether you are in marketing, operations, finance, human resources or any other area, it is important to understand how you can help contribute to the growth of your company’s brand or brands’ value over time on a global scale. Continue reading

Sustainable Business Model Design

This 6 hour seminar centers on the contributions that commerce, business and economic development can make toward building sustainable peace and prosperity. It explores issues such as globalization, corruption, corporate social responsibility, business strategy, extreme affordability business model design and sustainability as they enable or hinder the creation of wealth and social transformation, particularly for the 4 billion people living in poverty and duress. Continue reading

Reverse Innovation

Mr. Govindarajan will discuss the breakthrough idea of reverse innovation. Historically, multinational companies innovated in a rich country like the United States and sold their products in a poor country like India. Reverse innovation is doing exactly the opposite. It is about innovating in a poor country like India and selling those products in a rich country like the United States. Continue reading