Developing a Focused Global Sales Strategy #2

In today’s global marketplace, companies are looking to sell internationally in order to compensate for slumping domestic sales or otherwise to grow revenues. In all cases, a focused strategy must be developed and implemented in order for individuals and companies to realize a sufficient payoff from such a large investment of time and resources by the company and its sales force. Continue reading

Strategic Growth, Financial Profitability and Free Cash Flow Valuation #2

Students will examine scenarios that call for a decision to expand, be acquired or acquire another firm. Current public financial information and case study analysis will be utilized through the seminar. This seminar will help participants develop tools for understanding how firms plan (or should plan) for growth, and manage it throughout the firm and industry life-cycle. From early-stage startups to major public corporations, the growth of sales, cash flows and value is at the front and center of decision making. Continue reading