Marketing Practicum: Developing Strategies to Target Brazilian consumers in Munich, Germany


Christine Franz recently traveled to Munich, Germany and completed a practicum that allowed her to experience how the company Webasto targets its Brazilian’s consumers, in regards to selling sunroof’s, by conducting market research on its consumers wants and needs.

“I had such an educational and rewarding experience doing my practicum in Munich, Germany with my team (pictured to the right). I was able to interact with local professionals and help them fulfill their needs in a very short time period. Webasto, a global company that creates sun roof’s for the automotive industry, provided me with an amazing experience and I learned soimage014 much about marketing, through the project my team and I participated in. The project involved developing localized marketing strategies, as well as conducting market research on the Brazilian car market and its consumers. Not only did I have to understand how business is currently being performed in Webasto’s Munich headquarters, I also had to understand how the Brazilian market functions and the needs of the consumer’s in the company’s target market. It was very beneficial to have a Brazilian student on the team and she proved to be such a valuable asset, as she was able to share her first hand knowledge about Brazilian’s perceptions of sunroof’s today.

image012           Although my team and I were kept busy working on the project, we were still able to enjoy the city of Munich. My favorite past time on the trip included climbing the 300+ steps to the top of St. Peter’s Church, which displayed a panorama of the whole city, including picturesque views of the snow covered Alps (view pictured above). The picture showcases the Frauenkirche on the left, with the two domed towers, as well as the Marienplatz and Rathaus located in the center. Munich is full of so much history and culture; it is revealed everywhere you go. I even had a chance to visit the beautiful Schloss Nymphenburg right before the start of the practicum – a site that is definitely worth visiting! On our group walking tour, we made a stop at the most famous of the beer gardens in the city, Hofbräuhaus.  

I am so happy to have been able to experience Munich, as well as gain more pertinent knowledge in my field of interest through the practicum.  I believe it has helped me to expand my global mindset by giving me a broad overview of what I want to pursue in my future career. I look forward to gaining more valuable experiences in next year’s practicum.”


Pictured: The whole group in the main upstairs hall in the Hofbräuhaus.

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