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“The opportunity to travel abroad is one of the aspects of USD’s graduate program that I value the most. Learning abroad is much more than showing up to class in another country. Although the courses and professors that these programs offer are fantastic, it is traveling in itself that offers the greatest learning opportunity. Learning and interacting in foreign countries has added immeasurably to my MBA experience and has enriched my overall time at USD. Not to mention, Rio is one of the most amazing places on Earth”

Danny Reeves – MBA/MSRE student about a class taken in Rio

Students experience Brazil while Studying Abroad

Students Explore Brazil while Studying Abroad


“I have travelled to many countries but USD’s intersession program abroad was very unique and outstanding. The effective integrated academic program combined with a local site tour provided knowledge and an experience that was better than any other business or personal travel I have ever had. Also, the number of students who attended the program was the perfect size, which helped to maximize the sharing of information among one another while minimizing any confusion.

In addition, the combination of USA students, international students and local students working together with a common goal provided a very diverse environment for productive discussion and creative insight in decision making.”

Yungchul Huh – MSRE/MBA student about her consulting project experience in Rio

Consulting Project Abroad - USD and COPPEAD Masters Students Collaborating
Consulting Project Abroad – USD and COPPEAD Masters Students Collaborating

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