Entrepreneural Success in Investing Beyond the Border

Mr. Steve Williams met with USD students last month and told the story of meeting a young Mexican entrepreneur 25 years ago, and together building a company in Mexico named Vesta, an industrial real estate development company with a $1 billion market cap. Vesta currently owns 13 million square feet of real estate and is traded on the Bolsa (Mexican Stock Exchange).

Besides sharing the story of his prosperous real estate venture, Mr. Williams also shared with students what things in life led him to his success. He emphasized the importance of having a clear vision of what one would want written on his/her tombstone when he/she is no longer here.

Below are the 8 steps to success according to Mr. Williams:

  1. Own a problem
  2. Find a good mentor
  3. Invest in yourself
  4. Follow your dreams
  5. Share your dreams
  6. Test your vision
  7. Network and Sell your vision
  8. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey

Speaker Biography:
Steve Williams co-founded SENTRE Partners in 1989, and as a managing partner, focuses on new clients, new concepts and new ideas. He developed a relationship with GE Pension Trust, which together with SENTRE Partners has become a major stakeholder in downtown San Diego. Steve also co-founded Vesta with Lorenzo Berho. Incorporated in 1997, Vesta is a Mexican industrial real estate fund.
Steve is a co-founder of Bandwidth Now which transforms commercial buildings into “next gen” environments, treating bandwidth as a utility and Wi-Fi as an amenity using its patent pending Building Optical Network (BON). Bandwidth Now and SENTRE were nominated by Intel for the Computerworld Honors Program’s 21st Century Achievement Award. Steve graduated from UCLA in 1972 and received an MBA from USC in 1974. He is a licensed CPA and licensed real estate salesman. He is active in ULI and was a former national board member of NAIOP. He is active in the community and currently serves on the boards of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. and CONNECT.


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