Students Testimonials – Consulting Projects Abroad During Intersession 2014

“The course practicum is an opportunity to really find out who you are in the international business world, at a graduate level.  I went to Buenos Aires after two and a half years in the Evening MBA, and I can say that this short international consulting opportunity challenged me far more than my 10-plus years of experience in executive management and business ownership.  I started the Evening MBA program because, while my businesses had been successful, I knew I could be a more effective, stronger manager, of both people and processes.  This experience made me confident that the time and money I have spent on my USD MBA were well worth it!  I had a fantastic team that brought together 4 completely unique people with different ages, levels of experience, and educational backgrounds. In a short period of time, we figured out how to assess the client’s needs and meet them using each team member’s strengths, benefiting not only the client, but each other, as we bound together to achieve success!”  Jennifer Knotowicz, MBA student 

Shanghai 2014

“The International Practicum in Shanghai was one of the most challenging a fulfilling experiences in my MBA career.  As consultants, we were exposed to real business problems that forced us to think outside of our own comfort zone and learn how business is conducted in a completely different culture.  This gave us invaluable experience in working as a team to achieve a significant amount of high quality work under extreme circumstances.  Professors Zimmerman and Bates did an excellent job of guiding us through the consulting process, stretched our thinking about international business, and helped us manage the client for superior results.” Zachary Miller, MBA student 


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