Some important features in buying a dedicated server

The process of hosting a website, online application, or mail server may be challenging for companies of any size. In a shared hosting environment, the resources of a single server are used to support several distinct websites at the same time.

The provision of managed services is available from both colocation facilities and dedicated hosting providers. The process of deploying servers, performing routine maintenance and monitoring of those servers, keeping software up to date, maintaining backups, and recovering lost data are all included in managed hosting.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

Hosting on a solely dedicated server is what we mean when we say “dedicated server hosting.”


The majority of websites on the internet use a hosting service that involves sharing a server with a number of other websites. On the other side, shared hosting is associated with a number of apparent problems, including the following:

  • You have a slow website (especially when your traffic increases).
  • Risks to the system’s security. If a DDoS attack or a hack happens, all websites hosted on the same server will be unavailable.
  • Having complete control over your website/servers is not an option.

Using a hosting provider that provides dedicated servers, on the other hand, not only gets rid of all of these difficulties but also gives users access to a wide variety of other evident benefits. Are dedicated servers superior to the many alternative choices, or are they inferior? Continue reading to find out the answer for yourself.


Are Dedicated Servers Better than Other Options?

Dedicated servers, in contrast to cloud computing, make use of their own physical servers. They are put to use specifically to fulfil the requirements of a particular customer. This article will concentrate on the remote dedicated server hosting services offered by third-party data services providers, despite the fact that businesses are able to host dedicated servers on their own facilities.

Enterprises, organizations in highly regulated industries, and companies with a high demand for workload availability and capacity are some of the most likely candidates for vendor-provided dedicated server solutions. Organizations can outsource server setup, optimization, and ongoing maintenance, including regular security patching, with the help of a service provider. Organizations can visit the local data center where their dedicated servers are housed if they like.

There are different types of cloud servers and public cloud resources that may be used instead of dedicated servers. These resources can be shared by several businesses. Imagine that you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on data storage by making use of shared resources. In such instance, you could be forced to make concessions with regard to the management and security of the data. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the primary issue at hand.

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Dedicated Server Provider:


There are several advantages to using a dedicated hosting provider:


Server resources aren’t shared

When you pick a dedicated hosting company, you will have access to all of the resources that are available on a single server. There is no need for concern over the server’s resources being used by other websites that are accessible on the server. You won’t have to worry about the poor scripts or sudden increases in bandwidth use of other websites affecting the performance of your own when you use a reliable dedicated server.


Enhanced security and performance

Choosing a dedicated hosting provider ensures that your website will always be online. Shared hosting is often the best option for websites with low to medium traffic. Dedicated servers are more reliable and stable for high-traffic websites than shared hosting.

Another benefit of having your own dedicated web server is that you won’t have to worry about sharing resources with a spammer or harmful website. Companies that process critical transactions via FTP or SSL benefit from dedicated hosting, which provides an additional layer of security.

Online retailers and websites governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Payment Card Industry (PCI) must take website security very seriously. A dedicated server best serves such website proprietors.

A website on the same server as a shared server can be a source of infection. Because of DDoS attacks on neighboring websites, your site may be unavailable for some time. A dedicated server, on the other hand, addresses all of the shared server’s security flaws. You should know about the many security advantages of dedicated servers.

Two other significant advantages of having a dedicated server are the following:

  1. It gives you complete control over the security settings on your server. So that you can set up new firewalls, limit admin access, install an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), use your preferred malware protection program, and create a disaster recovery plan for the enhanced security of your precious data and website.
  2. Unauthorized access to an on-premises dedicated server can be prevented physically. The dedicated server provider takes care of physical security when you rent a server or use colocation hosting. Biometric locks, surveillance cameras, and armed guards are common in data centers.



An individual may customise a dedicated server with according to their own needs in terms of processor power, RAM memory storage and software. Customers that utilise shared hosting can only access and use the applications, software, and operating systems that have already been installed on the server. Their programme may not contain all of the features the customer is looking for, or they may not be able to provide it at all.

A dedicated server may be used to customise a server environment to a company’s unique requirements. They may choose the hardware and software that is most suited to their requirements on a dedicated server with considerably more flexibility.

Unique IP address

IP addresses are unique to each server in the network. Sharing an IP address with numerous other websites is a common feature of shared hosting plans. Your website’s search engine rankings could be generally affected if one of your neighbors is a spam or adult site.

You get your own IP address and a dedicated server with dedicated hosting. This is critical if you’re running a major e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

In contrast to a shared server, which assigns the same IP address to all users, a dedicated server gives your website its own dedicated IP address. Sharing your IP address with other users can result in you being penalized for the behavior of other users.

Your IP address might be banned or penalized by Google and other search engines when someone else uses the same IP address for spam or black hat SEO. You don’t have to be concerned about the wrongdoing of your server neighbors when you choose dedicated hosting because you get a dedicated IP address for your firm.

These servers may come with many IP addresses so you can use them for various purposes.


Purchasing and maintaining equipment is not an expense to consider

Dedicated hosting is an affordable alternative when a firm requires a dedicated server but has the manpower or money to run and maintain one. Since a dedicated hosting provider handles the costs of creating and maintaining server equipment, businesses that purchase server space have lower overhead and thus better returns on investment.

There is a cost associated with these advantages. Businesses may save a lot of money by going with shared hosting instead of dedicated hosting. Although a dedicated hosting business may be perfect for websites with significant traffic or tight customisation and security needs, many others may not be.


Great degree of scalability

For a company to flourish, it is essential to extend its resources. A shared server, on the other hand, will prevent you from doing so. However, a dedicated server has a lot of scalabilities built in.

You can request more bandwidth, storage space, or computing power from your service provider when you need more bandwidth. Talk to your provider in advance if you want a specific server configuration built for you. You may be able to link your server to the cloud infrastructure of some service providers for additional scalability choices.


Managed services are easily accessible

Colocation facilities and dedicated hosting providers both offer managed services. Server deployment, frequent maintenance and monitoring, timely software updates, backup maintenance, and data recovery are all part of managed hosting.

Website owners with little or no technical knowledge might benefit from these server management services in the absence of an IT staff. If you choose a dedicated server or a colocation facility, you won’t have to bother about server management at all.

Another possibility is that you’re unwilling to hand up the entire control of your server to your service provider. You can also consider semi-managed hosting services. Here, you can delegate server management chores to your service provider while remaining in charge of the rest.

If you have no need to use these services, then you don’t have to. However, suppose you or your IT team is capable of administering the server at a high level on your own. In that case, I’d suggest skipping managed services altogether.


Bottom Line

Dedicated hosting isn’t for everyone, but it has a lot of advantages for high-traffic websites, eCommerce companies, and reseller hosts. Cloud hosting can’t compete with its speed and reliability.

Dedicated servers are a great option if you’re frequently running low on resources on your server. With the strength of a dedicated server, your website’s performance is guaranteed to improve.

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