Who We Are

‘You are USD’ is a caring and inclusive space for students, faculty, staff, and families committed to the health and wellness of the USD community.
Dedicated to developing the whole person ‘You are USD’ seeks to raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health, enhance help seeking behavior, provide students with important life skills, and create an environment that promotes the overall health and well-being of students as they strive to reach their personal and academic goals.  You are an important and integral part of this campus and this community.  You are USD.

Have a safe spring break!
Did you know? April 9 is National Alcohol Screening Day (NASD).

NASD raises awareness about harmful drinking behaviors and connects individuals who are at risk with options.

Empower yourself with knowledge and learn more here!

I'm Feeling...


Are you experiencing…

  • depressed mood often?
  • loss of interest or pleasure?
  • decreased energy level?
  • feeling hopeless?
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Are you experiencing…

  • excessive worry?
  • difficulty with sleep?
  • trouble concentrating?
  • feeling keyed up?
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Are you experiencing…

  • feeling overwhelmed?
  • feeling easily agitated?
  • low energy?
  • headaches or stomachaches?
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I want more information about...

Helping A Friend

Learn how to help…

  • Talk to them
  • Listen
  • Suggest help
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Time Management

Download tools for…

  • Completing tasks
  • Balancing multiple demands
  • Prioritizing the right things
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See our resources for…

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Trouble falling or staying asleep
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