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Sep 6
3:09 PM

Advanced Writing Student Learning Outcomes

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Contexts and Purposes

Students will:

Write with the mastery of a student advanced in an area of study by distinguishing and responding to audiences, occasions, and discursive contexts 


Students will:

Apply relevant and compelling content, based on mastery of assigned subjects, in order to write effectively within the area of study

Sources and Evidence

Students will:

Use credible sources to develop ideas and arguments that are effective within the area of study

Cite sources accurately according to the conventions of the area of study


Students will:

Write clearly and fluently in formats relevant to the area of study, with few errors in syntax and grammar

CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO PRINTABLE VERSION: Advanced Writing Student Learning Outcomes

Sep 5
11:35 PM
Jul 11
2:27 AM

Hello and welcome!

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Welcome to the digital archives for the USD Advanced Writing Workshops!

Here you will find activities, assignments, and lesson plans for faculty who are interested in developing Advanced Writing syllabi for the new Core Curriculum, easily accessible by date or key word by searching with the tool bar to your right. ——>