Teaching Innovation

     The innovative Teaching Studio is a project of the University of San Diego’s School of Leadership and Education Sciences Department of Learning and Teaching. The purpose of the studio is to support practicing and novice teachers in strengthening their instructional practice. Through the use of numerous tools, including lesson study, backwards design, action research and other reflective- instructional practices, the Teaching Studio supports the development of learner-based instructional practices. Beyond its work as a tool to support instructional practice, the Teaching Studio is a site for conducting research about teacher development, student learning, and instructional practice.

     Our goal is to not only engage teachers in the school around these new practices, but to document the process of teacher development towards more student-centered/student-responsive instructional practices. As part of this research, multiple sources of data will be collected to answer our primary questions:

     • How do we support teachers in adopting learning-based instructional practices?
• What is the role of technology in shaping the instructional practices at the 21st Century School?
• What is the process of adopting school-wide learner-centered/instructional-centered models?
• How do we best support teacher’s knowledge of student learning and understanding?
• What is the impact of the models and these efforts on student learning and teacher development?