Zero Waste Forum at USD

Restating our investment towards a Zero Waste campus, in collaboration with Waste Management, the Office of Sustainability hosted a forum last Thursday as a way to continue conversation on creating a sustainable campus. Representatives from Waste Management, University of California Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, and other local constituents gathered together in the IPJ boardroom to exchange knowledge, best practices, and ideas on creating environmentally sustainable operations in our institutions.






Michael Catanzaro, Director of Sustainability at USD presented on USD accomplishments and the zero waste goal for the university. Catanzaro presented on becoming more mindful about our consumption and waste. This concept can be challenging in a world where our minds are constantly full, but it is an excellent opportunity to look comprehensively at our own lives to identify where we are wasting our own resources; our time, our thoughts, our energy. We need to think about zero waste not only in terms of waste, recycling, and consumption, but also in terms of our well-being. Through this we are able to connect deeply with ourselves and with our resources around us.



The forum was an excellent opportunity to have these conservations and more with local institutions and changemakers at USD. Catanzaro said, “ It was great to hear about all of the programs and initiatives other universities are doing. It allows our office to think more about creating a holistic approach to changing and implementing sustainable behaviors here at USD. We’re excited to see what’s in store for our campus in the future.”