Who We Are

The Office of Sustainability currently has three full time staff members: Director, Energy Manager, and Sustainability Coordinator. There are three Graduate Assistants and student interns. This staff is designated to plan and implement sustainable practices across campus as well as apply innovative applications to improve sustainability. This office also moderates the Be Blue Go Green Team on campus. This student group educates the USD and local community regarding various ways to be sustainable in your everyday life. They also run the compost and garden area behind Missions Crossroads, complete office and home energy assessments, and create awareness around being eco-friendly.



Michael  Catanzaro

Director of Sustainability Read full bio

“We need to shift from the individual to the collective with a priority placed on the impacts of our actions”

michael c


Paula Morreale

Sustainability Coordinator Read full bio

“We need to be mindful of the effect that our actions have on the planet and the way we consume resources”




Michael Plakosh

Energy Manager

michael p



Danidu Wijekoon

Graduate Assistant (STARS) Read full bio











Anne Keicher

Graduate Assistant (Zero Waste) Read full bio

“To me, sustainability is mindfully reducing the resources we consume”












Ashley de Leon

Graduate Assistant (Programming) Read full bio

“Anyone can be sustainable. It’s about adjusting and creating daily habits that in the end save our resources”












Arthur Atkinson

Manager, Electronics Recycling Center read full bio

“Locally- sustainability is the ability to maintain one’s self and one’s community without excess waste. Globally- sustainability is the daily practice that is born from the deep desire to care for and protect planet earth, which subsequently motivates the individual and community to live simply so that others may simply live”












Chelsey Carillo

Office Manager, Electronics Recycling Center