Engineering a Kinetic Fountain

Since water is the most important and limited resource in Southern California, various retrofits have been installed across campus to help in the reduction of water usage. Some of those retrofits include: low-flow aerators in all faucets across campus, low-flow shower heads, water-efficient toilet and urinals across campus, and the online satellite Rain Bird sprinkler system.


Since 2006, the university has reduced its water usage by 38%! We need to continue to conserve water to reduce our consumption during this time of the drought in California. View our webpage if you are interested in learning more about the drought in San Diego. 


We can always do our part to conserve water so remember to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and be mindful of the length of your shower. If everyone on campus shortened their shower time by only 1 minute, we would save 1 million gallons of water!


USD has also installed water filling stations across campus to encourage reusable water bottle usage. So just bring your reusable water bottle with you and stay hydrated all day long! View the list of refill stations here. 


View our short video on creative ways to conserve water





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