USD Wastes No Water Month

Mother Rosalie Hill said, “There are three things that are significant in education: beauty, truth and goodness. But the only one that attracts people on sight is beauty. If beauty attracts people, they will come and find the truth and have goodness communicated to them by the kind of people here.”


At USD we take Mother Hill’s vision seriously by working to uphold our beauty by keeping our campus pristine. This can be a challenge when we consider our use of resources, especially during this time of drought in California.



This is why USD has taken a variety of measures to promote water conservation by retrofitting our campus to include: water-efficient toilet and urinals across campus, low-flow aerators in all faucets, low-flow shower heads, and the online satellite Rain Bird sprinkler system that automatically adjusts watering times and watering based on weather data. High efficiency nozzles were installed on almost all of the irrigation nozzles around campus to make watering 35% more efficient.



While Facilities is looking for ways other ways to conserve water on campus, the Office of Sustainability has designated March as USD Wastes No Water Month: a month full of activities, contests, and discussion that focus on the importance of water in our daily lives.



While we often only think of our water consumption when we shower, wash our hands, or flush a toilet, the things we use everyday required water to produce, including the sandwich you ate for lunch, and the shirt you put on in the morning. According to estimates by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it takes 220 gallons of water to produce just one loaf of bread, 713 gallons to make one cotton t-shirt, and 1,799 gallons to yield just one pound of beef.


Water is all around us, and this month, the Office of Sustainability is working with Outdoor Adventures, the Residence Hall Association, Residential Life, and the Be Blue, Go Green Student Group to offer the field trips, discussion, and educational opportunities to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation.




March 6: BBGG Tabling Outside the UC/SLP

March 17-21: Water Display Outside UC

March 27: Panel Discussion 12-2pm in IPJ E (lunch provided)

April 1: Outdoor Adventures Trip: Natural History Museum Water Display

Events cosponsored with RHA

Participate in the Water Conservation Film Contest


In addition to attending the month’s events, you can help USD Waste No Water by following these quick tips:


  1. Reduce your shower time by just a few minutes to save big. Try to take 5 minute showers.
  2. Run the washer machine and the dishwasher only when you have a full load.
  3. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, etc.
  4. Report all leaks to Facilities right away!
  5. View this funny video on creative ways to conserve water!!


For more tips on how to save water and live a more sustainable lifestyle, check out the Office of Sustainability’s website.