USD Pledges Zero-Waste Campus Initiative

USD Pledges Zero-Waste Campus Initiative at Annual Earth Day celebration!

Earth Day is a 24-hour space in the month of April, a brief opportunity to be inspired by and reflect upon the place we call home. But maintaining and keeping this “home” in order, is a year-round, ever-increasing responsibility. It requires a call to action.

On Tuesday, actually one day after the official international celebration, the University of San Diego rightly used this extension of awareness to introduce a major new initiative, to reward mindful ideas of campus Changemakers in the USD One Challenge, and to exhibit the leadership of Sustainability Director Michael Catanzaro and his Office of Sustainability team to keep the university moving forward.

“Today is the first day of a multi-year plan to reduce waste on campus and to divert 90 to 100 percent of all campus waste from the landfill. This isn’t a task for sustainability, but rather a challenge for the entire campus,” said Catanzaro, a double USD alumnus (2001, ’07).

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