USD Installs Electric Vehicle Chargers

Twenty-eight Blink electric vehicle charging stations have been installed across campus as part of USD’s sustainability efforts. The EV chargers were installed as part of a no-cost contract with ECOtality to provide electric vehicle chargers to the university community as part of a pilot project to understand EV usage throughout the country. The partnership with USD and ECOtality secured more than $300,000 in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that was used for the installation and preparation of electric vehicle chargers across USD’s campus. The locations of the EV chargers include: The Main Parking Structure (8), Manchester Village Garage (6), IPJ/KROC Parking Structure (8), and Vista Apartments (6).


Please remember to follow these rules when using the charging stations:
1. A valid USD permit is required for all spaces on campus, at all times.
2. Designated spaces for electric vehicles (EV) are clearly marked.
3. In order to avoid a citation your vehicle must be plugged in and actively charging.



For more information on how to use Blink EV charging stations and sign-up for Blink Membership to charge your vehicle, visit


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