Sustainability LLC

In living learning communities (LLC) students who share a common interest live and study together. Not only do LLCs ease your academic and social transition to USD, they expand your intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom, and establish an immediate sense of community with your faculty and fellow residents.


In an LLC, students take classes together and live near one another, sharing a supercharged college experience where academics meld with exciting extracurricular activities and community engagement, unfurling new understandings in the process. Built around themes such as social justice or sustainability, each LLC provides a ripe environment for you and your peers to ponder differing perspectives and galvanize into action.


National studies have shown that students in living learning communities demonstrate stronger academic achievement, and are more invested in and connected to the campus community. By taking part in activities, using campus resources and interacting with faculty, students who choose living learning communities overall experience a more seamless transition to college.


As a living learning participant at USD, you are an active member of the community from the day you arrive on campus. You are surrounded by students with similar interests and mentors who want to help you succeed. Your small classroom experiences and LLC themed events are interrelated, and since your hall mates are also your classmates, your field of shared experiences is vast. Friendships develop and deepen. Study groups are a natural. You are inspired by others, and in turn, you inspire. Before you know it, you are not just attending USD, you are USD.