SDG&E and USD Partnership Summary

Since 2009, USD has partnered with SDG&E, San Diego’s regional utility provider. Over the course of the five-year partnership, USD received over one million dollars in grants and incentives that helped to establish the university as leader in sustainability.



The partnership allowed for the creation of the Office of Sustainability with a full-time director, professional, and student staff. With its current staff of over twenty paid employees and interns, the Office has reached over 15,000 people through university and community events, electronic waste collection, class engagement and other means to create a culture of sustainability within and beyond the USD campus.


The partnership also created savings of over 9 million kWh (the equivalent of taking over a thousand cars off the road for one year) that were secured through over $8.5 million in retrofits that included updates to light bulbs, laboratory fume hoods and more.


Through its innovative portfolio of conservation that has become a hallmark of its campus culture, the partnership with SDG&E has allowed USD to realize significant energy savings and have set the course for continued success in sustainability.


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