Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the Office of Sustainability is to promote sustainable initiatives throughout USD’s campus. The Office of Sustainability works to create various programming and outreach to help educate not only USD but the local community as well regarding various sustainability issues. Our goal is to seek out retrofits and initiatives to implement that will help USD become one of the most sustainable campuses in the country.


The Office of Sustainability was formed in Fall 2009, stemming from the first cycle of Strategic Initiatives proposed by President Mary Lyons to make our campus more green and eco-friendly. The Sustainability Task Force first met in November 2007, charged to “inventory educational, research operations, facilities initiatives, and service learning experiences currently in place at USD that support sustainability and/or climate change programs; survey best practices at other universities; and develop a strategic plan by March 2008 that will encompass the elements of education, research, service, and operations.”


The office uses these principles to guide sustainability work on and off campus:


  • Expand campus awareness and commitment to sustainability
  • Foster integration among academies and sustainability
  • Build campus infrastructure that promotes sustainability
  • Cultivate the capacity of individuals to promote sustainability
  • Serve as a sustainability resource for the San Diego community
  • Engage in external and internal partnerships that promote sustainability