How many cups of coffee or tea do you drink a week? How many CUPS do you use each week? Disposable cups are used only once before they find their way into the landfill; in fact, U.S. consumers throw away an estimated 40 billion disposable cups each year. In an effort to cut down this unnecessary waste and raise awareness about sustainable practices, USD partnered with the nonprofit organization Social Ventures for Sustainability to become a host campus for the Kill the Cup project.


While retailers often offer discounts and other incentives to reduce waste, many consumers continue to contribute to the waste stream through their use of disposable products. The Kill the Cup project works to eliminate this waste by encouraging environmental responsibility by mobilizing students and employees to change their habits.




To do this, Kill the Cup is rewarding green consumers at University of San Diego. Do you have a reusable thermos or water bottle? Participation is simple: Post a photo with your reusable container to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #KillthecupUSD to enter the contest.


The photo will serve as a raffle ticket for weekly prizes: $25 campus cash, a Klean Kanteen water bottle, or the grand prize of an iPad! One photo may be entered per day, and the more photos you post, the higher your chances are of winning.


By switching to a reusable container, you can reduce waste and help sustain USD’s zero waste initiative, so join the campaign and post your photo with #KillthecupUSD!