Green Move-Out

USD was selected to be part of a national campaign called “Give and Go” through Keep America Beautiful. We have partnered with our local Goodwill to collect gently used items. USD will donate all textile items (clothing, bedding, towels, rugs) to Goodwill and support our local community. We will keep all household items, kitchen items, shower items, and electronics to resell in the beginning of Fall semester at heavily reduced prices. Revenue from those sales will go towards sustainability initiatives and projects on campus, grants to students and faculty, student scholarships, and nonprofit sustainable organizations in the community.


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Please do not throw usable items in the landfill. Be MINDFUL about move-out. Help us keep items out of the landfill and support our community.


If you live off-campus you can still keep your items out of the landfill! Bring your items to donate to the Electronics Recycling Center at 5330 Linda Vista Road just west of USD’s campus. We are open Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm and 9am-6pm on Wednesdays. You can also contact local nonprofits to pick-up large items of furniture (couches, tables, etc.). Here are some nonprofits to contact:




In the Fall these items will be resold to new and returning students at heavily reduced prices. Our message is to keep usable items out of the landfill and extend the life of those items. Instead of buying a brand new set of bed risers (think about all the raw materials and energy it took to produce those), purchase a used set of bed risers for less. Save time and our resources! Visit the  USD Electronics Recycling Center located west of campus at 5330 Linda Vista Road move in weekend and throughout September to get your room supplies at a discount!