Green Move-In at USD

In USD’s effort to be green, the Office of Sustainability has created green move-in and move-out experiences for residents in the fall and spring semesters. During move-out, residents are encouraged to donate their reusable items to be given to local non-profit organizations and to be sold back to students in the fall semester. Reusable items include dorm furniture, bathroom accessories, kitchen supplies, furniture, school supplies, and various dorm decorations.



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During move-in weekend, these gently used items are sold back to students at heavily discounted prices. Why wait in line at Target to buy a mirror, bed risers, fans, water bottles or even pots and pans! Visit the USD E-Waste Collection Center to purchase these items at more than half the price! Students can also purchase second hand electronics such as printers, speakers, lamps, televisions and more! Other than buying gently used items, there are plenty of other ways to be green during the move-in process. Some benefits of buying items at the E-Waste Collection Center include no lines or crowds, less than a block from campus, very inexpensive prices and the environmentally friendly option.



Some ideas to help residents “be blue and go green” include recycling cardboard boxes or saving them for move-out, bringing reusable bags when shopping locally or even on campus, coordinating with roommates to rent appliances, buying a reusable water filter (like Brita) to refill water bottles instead of buying plastic water bottles. Through these efforts and more you can help USD become the most sustainable campus in the nation.