From E-Waste to Art

Austin McCasland, a senior Art Major at USD wanted to show a clear connection between humans and technology for his senior thesis exhibition.




Austin utilized materials and exhibition space at the USD E-waste Collection Center. The E-waste center is open to all USD members and the San Diego community as a safe, secure, and socially responsible way to dispose of old electronics. This space was also the perfect venue for McCasland’s exhibition on Affective Computing.




States McCasland, “The show involved many interactive pieces, the goal of which was to draw attention to different aspects of the conversation back and forth between computers and people.  The show was largely created using “hacked” together components of computers and electronics from the USD e-waste recycling facility.  The main objective of this show was to get the audience to consider that computers are physical objects, and though they provide a portal into the digital world, they actually exist in the real one.  Too often we forget about the consequences of this physicality.”