Check out the Clean Earth Kitchen at the SLP. Thanks to the work of the Student Vegans United club, this plant-based meal option is 100% animal product free. It provides vegan and vegetarian students with a flexible dinner pallet, it also encourages other students to try a plant-based meal alternative.


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All dining locations feature alumni-owned, locally operated, organic, certified Fair Trade coffees and teas from Ryan Bros. Coffee.


Tu Mercado offers organic products.


The main dining area at USD is home to a BioHiTech Food Digester that transforms 3,200 pounds of food waste into water each week. The digester uses a highly specialized formula of micro-organisms to break down food waste and reduces the amount of solid waste for disposal. This system has diverted waste from landfills and decreased fuel consumption. According to BioHiTech America, operating the company’s 1200 model at full capacity for 1-year will reduce emissions of 470,000 pounds of CO2 and 58 MTCE of greenhouse gases.


Missions Cafe began piloting a pre-consumer compost program fall 2014.  Diverting over 100 pounds a week, Missions Cafe plays a vital role in reducing the amount of methane USD produces.


Visit the Dining Services website for more information on sustainable practices.



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