Digging Deep for Sustainable Food

Eating locally grown food is better for the environment since the produce does not have to travel thousands of miles to reach your plate. But how more local can you get than your own backyard?


Friday, October 18th marked the official Fall kick-off of the Community Garden behind Missions Crossroads. The community garden was created 2009 where members of the USD community were able to plant their own food and enjoy the fruits of their labor (literally!).





This summer, students Ellie Phillips and Gabby Sghia-Hughes took charge of the garden and gave it a much-needed face-lift. Working with Facilities to prep the soil and learn some helpful watering tips, Ellie and Gabby worked with Courtney Walters, Unit Leader in Missions Cafe, to enhance the use of the garden. Courtney and her staff will be using the herbs and produce grown in the garden in various wraps and meals prepared in Missions Cafe. You can’t get much closer to farm-to-table than this!


Ellie and Gabby along with student volunteers tilled the soil, installed an irrigation system, added nutrients and compost to the soil, and planted many herbs and produce. The hope is that this garden area will be resource to Missions Cafe for local ingredients, a resource for students and staff to de-stress and reconnect with nature through volunteering in weeding, planting, and tending to the garden, and an opportunity for the USD community to grown their own food in a supportive space.