USD ONE Challenge: Wasteful Production & Consumption

As chosen by the USD campus community, the USD 2013 One Challenge is The Environment: Wasteful Production and Consumption.



The Environment video was selected after receiving the most “likes” on the Changemaker Hub Facebook page as it competed against the other submissions: Veteran’s issues and Childhood Health and Wellness.



The One Challenge initiative offers a myriad of opportunities for innovation to change our world. As part of the Changemaker Hub, the Challenge seeks to unite students, faculty and staff in employing their imagination, hard work and passion to generate ideas for addressing this issue.



The Office of Sustainability is proud of this selection, as poses an excellent opportunity for further growth and development in sustainability at USD. The Office is pleased to partner with the Changemaker Hub over the next several months to offer a variety of activities, workshops and seminars to help encourage innovation to help create and implement solutions and systems that foster a zero-waste environment.
With this call, our campus changemaker energy will focus on eliminating wasteful consumption and production as we each work to become more mindful in caring for the natural world.



This designation can have a profound impact upon the campus over the next several months and beyond. Therefore, let us not waste this opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the environment, for together, we can create a more sustainable world.