Dr. Mitchell Thomashow visits USD

On Tuesday December 4th, Dr. Mitchell Thomashow visited the University of San Diego as a visiting scholar to help USD become the most sustainable campus in the country.


Dr. Thomashow has been in the environmental field for over 30 years  through various forms of teaching, research, publishing books and speaking    around the country on ecological awareness and sustainable living. He was   previously the President of Unity College in Maine. He worked to integrate   concepts of ecology, sustainability, natural history, wellness, participatory   governance, and community service into all aspects of college and   community life. Dr. Thomashow is currently the Director of the Second   Nature Presidential Fellows Program which is designed to assist the executive leadership of colleges and universities in promoting a comprehensive sustainability agenda on their campuses.



During his visit at USD, Dr. Thomashow met with a wide variety of constituents including the President and Executive Council, the Sustainability Task Force, various students and staff members, and other members of the community. He gave a number of presentations including a biographical sketch of Rachel Carson and her work leading up to her latest book around the dangers of pesticides, Silent Spring.



Dr. Thomashow is now working closely with the Office of Sustainability to develop a Sustainability Master Plan for the campus. This master plan will include steps to communicate sustainability effectively in addition to various policies and procedures designed to make the campus more holistically sustainable. If you have not had an opportunity to meet Dr. Thomashow, he will return in the Spring to further develop sustainability at USD and we encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming opportunities to create this vision for our campus community.