Continuing the Zero Waste Movement

Recycling is the one of most tangible forms of sustainability as it is something everyone interacts with on a daily basis. When we take the time to sort our waste, we are able to contribute positively or negatively to our environment. If we choose to not recycle and sort our waste, we are sending reusable and potentially hazardous materials to our landfill which can contaminate our water table and pose a threat to our local environment. Through USD’s commitment to becoming a more sustainable campus by moving towards Zero Waste, we are able to take responsibility into our own hands and change the future for the better.




The Office of Sustainability along with the Be Blue Go Green (BBGG) student club is working towards educating the USD community around properly sorting their waste so the campus can move towards a higher landfill diversion rate and create a healthier planet. Currently USD diverts 60% of its waste stream from the landfill. However, results from numerous waste audits show that we can better sort our waste and even include food composting to our waste streams.


On Thursday December 5, 2013, sustainability student interns and members of the BBGG team set up waste stations at the USD basketball game against San Diego State University. The waste stations included recycling, food waste, and landfill bins. Although the game was not zero waste, it was a great opportunity to educate the community about properly sorting their waste.


Members of the BBGG team sorted through trash again on Tuesday December 10, 2013 to conduct a waste audit for the SOLES building. After sorting through trash for over 45 minutes they had three piles- recycling, compost, and landfill. The waste piles were weighed and numbers were reported back to the SOLES Sustainability Task Force. It is through informative audits like this that staff and students are able to see a snapshot of their waste stream and how we can better our sorting to help create a cleaner San Diego.