Community Garden

USD has its very own organic community garden on campus behinds Missions Crossroads. This piece of land is available to any student, faculty, or staff member interested in growing their own food, or simply a chance to get out in nature and de-stress by planting some produce. Various student groups, departments, or a group of friends are able to “adopt” a plot of land and plant the fruits and vegetables they want. This is a sure way to see the fruits of your labor.

“Eating locally grown food is better for the environment since the produce does not have to travel thousands of miles to reach your plate. But how more local can you get than your own backyard? In 2009 the University of San Diego began its very own garden, behind Missions Crossroads, where members of the USD community were able to plant their own food and enjoy the fruits of their labor, literally. This summer, students Carrie Enkler and Hayley Gross took charge of the garden and gave it a much-needed face-lift. Working with Facilities to prep the soil and learn some helpful watering tips, Carrie and Hayley planted new life into the garden to create a flourishing area where more students can enjoy. They will continue to improve the garden while working with the Sustainability LLC students to teach them various gardening tips and get them involved with growing their own food!”


A student-run compost bin is also located in the community garden area. The compost is composed of food scraps from the garden, individual use, and from Missions Cafe. The compost is then used to fertilize the garden plots to grow healthy, nutritious food.  Initiatives to expand the compost to include student groups and departments on campus are in place to reduce our food waste and close the loop!

If you are interested in working on the garden or adopting a plot, contact Paula Morreale at