Be Blue Go Green

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The Be Blue Go Green (BBGG) Team is comprised of undergraduate students seeking to make USD a more sustainable campus. BBGG is an innovative, eco-minded student voice that promotes an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable campus. Our goal is to encourage sustainability as a way of life so our collective impact can move the University of San Diego to become one of the most sustainable campuses in America. BBGG is committed to reducing USD’s waste and water consumption to lower our carbon footprint through marketing campaigns, community service and outreach, and eco-events.


BBGG meets every other Tuesday at 12:30pm  in the CASA lounge. Check out our meeting schedule.



Current BBGG Projects:


• Food Day Planning • Water usage awareness •  Petitioning for re-usuable cups across campus • Diverting waste from landfills • Composting on campus



If you have any questions about BBGG, contact Melissa Montoya at